The Energy Supply System

Standard System

The following items must be considered when devising a district heating and cooling system.

The selection of a heat production system (boilers, refrigeration machines, heat pumps, etc.) appropriate for the heat medium and energy source. The selection of a heat supply system (number of pipes, burying method, piping configuration and other elements) appropriate for the heat medium, demand and the geographical conditions. Selection of the optimum heat medium (steam, hot water, cool water or chilled water), taking into consideration the type of demand for thermal energy within the district and the geographical conditions. Selection of an energy source suitable for supplying heat (electricity, gas, petroleum, coal, cogenerated waste heat, factory waste heat or unutilized energy sources)

Types of Systems

  • Steam boiler plus steam absorption chiller
  • Steam boiler plus steam turbine-driven turbo chiller
  • Heat-collecting heat pump plus heat storage tank
  • Air-cooled heat pump plus heat storage tank
  • Electric turbo chiller (heat storage tank) plus steam boiler
  • System utilizing river water or seawater plus absorption heat pump
    (water heat source heat pump)
  • System utilizing waste heat from waste plus hot water boiler
  • Heat pump utilizing seawater plus heat storage tank and steam absorption chiller
  • Heat pump utilizing sewer water plus heat storage tank
  • Cogeneration plus waste heat driven absorption water heater and water heater
  • Cogeneration plus steam boiler, steam absorption chiller and turbo chiller

The Energy Supply System