District Heating and Cooling


The Role of District Heating and Cooling in Japan

District heating and cooling (DHC) is the third largest energy utility, following the electric and gas companies. Heat Supply Business Law is designed to protect consumers. Since district heating and cooling service is a public utility, the law provides for subsidies. District heating and cooling service is managed in partnership with regional public organizations and private enterprises.

One or several plants supply chilled water and hot water (steam) to multiple buildings through pipes for use in heating and cooling. This is called a DHC system.

Category Necessary conditions for the application of
Heat Supply Business Law
Conditions Demand General demand
Scale Heating capacity of 21 gigajoules per hour or more
Number of buildings supplied Multiple number of buildings
Supplier A Third party with no financial affiliation with the users of the service, or a supplier that does not utilize the service itself

District Heating and Cooling